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The Holle Guarantee


Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority when selling bulls.

We are confident that our bulls are the best investment for your herd, but we also know that nature is uncontrollable. Because of this, we will guarantee you that our bulls produce for you, or your money back.

Fertility, Death, Injury and Delivery    

FERTILITY:   All bulls have been fertility tested and are guaranteed to pass a fertility test when delivered.   The bulls are tested for PI BVD and trichomoniasis.  The first breeding season fertility is guaranteed.

DEATH/INJURY: Single bull pasture 100% against death or injury the first breeding season.   Multiple bull pastures will be 50% against death or injury, first breeding season.   Holle Gelbvieh will provide equal replacement bull (if available) or credit for next year’s bull.

DELIVERY:    Single bull, free up to 100 miles.    Multiple bulls, free up to 250 miles.   Feed and care will be provided until May 15th.

HGR Bulls are a worry free investment in the future of your herd.