Herd Genetics

Starting in 2005 as our desire to raise our own herdsires of 2-year-old bulls…Big, Stout and Ready To Work…not yearlings that fell apart and required extra care, has turned into one our greatest passions. We learned that, like other producers, using older bulls just made sense for our operation. We needed animals that could go to work without any extra support. That is when we began to produce our own bull crop.

Calving in late winter to early spring allows our calves to spend the summer with their moma before weaning in the early fall. We typically see wean weights 600-700 pounds and sometimes more. A heavier wean weight allows us to move them right into a full feed ration at our backgrounding facility. On less than 2 pounds of corn per head a day, we are able to realise an average daily gain of 2 1/2 pounds. At the year mark we typically see weights in the range of

This is an area that the Gelbvieh breed really shines, they are a very resourceful animal keeping their grow costs down. We are able to use less feed to produce a larger animal than most comparable breeds. When cross bred with an angus cow, to create what is known as a "Balancer," is when you really see the magic happen.

Bulls are dry lot fed until May, they then go to grass pasture over the summer, corn stalks in the fall, then back to the dry lot in December to be worked with and fed to be filled out.   By doing this, we typically end up with 1600-1700 lbs. 2-year-old  bulls.

Because of this rotational feeding, these 2-year-old bulls have great phenotype and no structural defects from too much grain.

Our breeding program goes beyond the development of sires, because you must first have an amazing heifer or dam to introduce great bull semen to in order to continually produce quality breeding stock. Because of all of our time spent on the genetic paring of our animals, we are so proud to say that we are in the Top 20 Owners and Breeders of Gelbvieh stock in the United States and that Kansas is the number one Gelbvieh producing state in the country. We have 30 head of cattle that have won the 2018 Dam of Distinction Award. Read more HERE.

We love what we do and getting better at it each and every day.

Holle Gelbvieh Ranch Herd Genetics
Holle Gelbvieh Ranch Herd Genetics

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